MMC Multimedia Messaging Center

MMC Multimedia Messaging Center consists of JoinNet, Messenger, Jeditor and one or multiple HomeMeeting servers. All the communication data, including audio and video, between the HomeMeeting Servers and the client software, namely JoinNet and Messenger, are encrypted. This system also comes with a web portal, a suite of PHP web programs, supporting MySQL database, integrated with HomeMeeting servers, allowing registered users to schedule online meetings, and invite participants from contact list or from a pre-established group list.

MMC Server Guide (PDF format)

System Highlights:

  • All features of WO applications are supported.
  • Schedule meetings, prepare meetings, and attach files to meeting information.
  • Personalized home page, calendar, meeting lookup, and recording lookup.
  • Secure user authentication and personal online privacy settings.
  • Support Single Sign-On.
  • Support HomeMeeting server backup and load balancing.